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Small Animals

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Favourites with the younger generation are Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Hamsters and other small rodents. It is important when selecting housing that space is available for sleeping, dining and exercise, they also need to be handled every day to keep them tame and it is a good time to give them a health check. Signs to look out for are growing teeth, claws and parasites. Check Rabbits and Guinea Pigs daily in the summer for fly strike, this occurs when flies lay eggs on the animals rear end and maggots eat into the animal. A spray is available to prevent this but remember good hygiene is essential. Woodshavings or pellets for the floor, straw for bedding and hay to eat are all essentials for Rabbits and Guinea Pigs and fluffy or paper bedding for the smaller rodents.

Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Gerbils, Mice and some Hamsters will be much happier being kept in pairs but be careful when selecting partners as two can become many in a short space of time if opposite sexes are chosen. Remember to treat all small animals to hard wood gnaws to keep their teeth in good order and many love the snacks and bars in store as a special treat.

Finally we have most foods, bedding and feeders for chickens. Watch out in warmer weather for red spider mite, powders are available in store for treating this life threatening parasite. Wormers, tonics and treats are also stocked.

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