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Dogs & Cats

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Dietary Advice

Whether taking on a puppy, kitten or rescue animal it is important to get good advice on care, diet and training from the start. The life-stages of a pet demand different diets and it is important to feed the correct diet especially when the animal is young and growing. At Wagtails we have available wet and dry special diets for all growth stages and also for the elderly pet whose needs are different to younger animals. Supplements are also available to boost diets and help with ailments, a good supplement called Joint aid can be fed throughout a dogs' life to prevent arthritis in later life, prevention is better than cure. Some animals suffer from either a sensitive digestion or skin or sometimes both. Special gluten free diets can be fed to assist with these problems and several manufacturers tailor make food for dietary requirements. Of course along with specific diets we also have the favourites in store, Whiskas, Pedigree, Chappie etc. We try to cater for all.

Flea & Worm Treatment

Another important part of pet ownership is worming and flea treatments, both problems can be kept at bay with regular doses of preventatives. If an animal grooms itself and swallows a flea it will quite probably end up with tapeworms as the flea carries the tapeworm eggs. So whenever you treat your pet for fleas you should also worm them. Also don't forget your home, a good household treatment should be used at least twice a year.

Puppy/Agility Training

Something also to consider with puppies and rescue dogs is proper training, you are responsible for your pet on and off the lead and a few handy training lessons are valuable for both dog and owner. Puppy training and Agility for the slightly more mature pups are available in Aylsham from Wanderwoof Walks run by Alison Burns, feel free to call into Wagtails for info and contact numbers. Along with classes are various training aids from clickers to non pull harnesses and numerous brands of collars and leads.

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